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Restricted Words in Messages
Restricted Words in Messages

Protect your account by restricting the use of problematic words in your messages.

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Here at Supercreator, we understand how vital it is to safeguard your account's compliance with all of OnlyFans' rules.

Now, in OnlyFans, there are some words that are forbidden to say in the platform. The use of these words can trigger a potential violation of their policies and can put your account in a risk of a ban.

But don't worry - Supercreator extension will monitor the words in every message and post, and will alert in case it contains any restricted words, to make sure it never gets sent.

Additionally, we're giving you the freedom to add your very own custom-restricted words!

Check out how simple it is to add your restricted words below:

Access the Console and under the CRM settings tab locate the "Custom Restricted Words" option.

Here you can add all the words that you do not want to be used when sending messages - just enter the words separated by a comma.

Done! From that moment on, these words are restricted and an alert will appear on OnlyFans if this restricted word is typed.

Please note that the casing does not matter, it will ignore uppercase/lowercase.

With this new feature, you're in full control of your messaging environment, ensuring a secure experience for all. πŸš€ ⭐

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