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How to sign up for Supercreator?
How to sign up for Supercreator?
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If you own an agency or work at one, see instructions for agency onboarding here.

It only takes 2 minutes to sign up for Supercreator:

  1. Choose your account type (Agency/Creator) and fill in the required information.

  2. Add your accounts' usernames to the platform. You may add additional accounts at any time.

  3. Add team members if you have any - See instructions for agency onboarding here.

  4. Download the extension (plugin) from the Chrome Web Store (list of supported browsers).

  5. Login your account(s) to OnlyFans with Supercreator running to connect them to the platform. This will happen automatically after the extension is running.

  6. Begin your 14-Day Free Trial!

It's highly recommended to check our Feature Overview (Start Here), to learn more about Supercreator capabilities and watch its demo.

In case of an error in one of the stages, please get in touch with support via chat.

  • Disable Adblock for OnlyFans, if you have it installed.

  • Sometimes working with a VPN can cause visual issues. Contact support if you're experiencing any issues.

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