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Onboard your agency to Supercreator
Onboard your agency to Supercreator

Manage your creators' account, chatters, and account managers all in one workspace

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Using the Supercreator extension

To start working with the Supercreator platform:

  1. Create a Supercreator account, and invite your team to join your workspace with their own accounts (see instructions below).

  2. Pin the Supercreator extension to the Chrome bar:

  3. Make sure you're logged in to the Supercreator Console.

  4. Refresh OnlyFans and start chatting!

πŸ’‘ Are you a chatter?

Check out this article for a detailed step-by-step guide on how to join your workspace agency. It's got all the info you need! πŸ˜„

Adding members to your workspace

The Supercreator Workspace allows you to manage all your agency members: chatters, account managers, and OnlyFans accounts (models) in one place.

How do I add creators (OnlyFans accounts) to Supercreator?

  1. You can add or remove OnlyFans accounts from the Supercreator console under the OnlyFans Accounts page.

  2. After you have added them to the console, log into your OnlyFans account with the extension installed. Make sure you're logged in to the Console.

  3. Your account will be added and activated under your account in the console, and you can begin using Supercreator.

Note: If you don't have a license and your trial period is over, the account won't be connected.

How do I add agency team members to Supercreator?

For your chatters, account managers, and other team members to use Supercreator, they will need to create their own account under your agency workspace:

  1. Go to Team Members page, copy your invite link, and share it with your team members.

  2. Your team will be requested to sign up for their own Supercreator account when clicking on your agency link.

  3. Approve your members' access to your agency workspace after they sign up.

  4. Set members' permissions:

    1. Member: Have full access to the extension, but not to the console.

    2. Admin: Have access to both the extension and console. Can adjust OnlyFans accounts settings and see all agency data.

      You can change or remove access at any time.

  5. Once signed up and approved, your team can use the Supercreator extension for your agency's OnlyFans accounts.

  6. Go to the account settings page to let all admins manage other teammates. If you turn this feature on, all the admins will have permission to add, remove, approve, and assign other team members to Console.

You can edit the view, by selecting the member status filter.

Approved: Member is approved to have access to the extension. You can now edit the user permissions to the Console.

Pending approval: An admin needs to approve the user's access to Supercreator.

Removed: This member was removed and no longer has access to the Supercreator account.

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What happens if one of my members already signed up to Supercreator without an invite link?

If your team member has already created an account, they can join your agency on their Account Setting page.

Under "Connect my account to an agency workspace", paste your workspace invite link and click save. Remember to approve them after!

Do I need a license for every chatter?

No, you only need a license for each OnlyFans creator. You can have unlimited chatters connected to the same OnlyFans account.

What's the difference between a Member and an Admin?

Member: Have full access to the extension, but not to the console.

Admin: Have access to both the extension and console. Can adjust OnlyFans accounts settings and see all agency data.

Where can I learn more about Supercreator?

  1. Watch our Product Demo.

  2. Learn how to utilize Supercreator in our User Guide.

  3. Find FAQs and troubleshooting on our Help Center.

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