PPV Time Machine

Understand you fan's buying habits, and send more personal PPVs that convert better

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When clicking on the “PPV Time Machine” button inside the Fan Insights box, the following popup will appear:

How is this helpful?

You can instantly see your fan’s buying habits, including:

  • Their favorite content and fetishes

  • What captions worked best and made them unlock your content

  • Their max spend

  • If they only purchase private PPVs

  • Recent purchases

This will all help you send more accurate PPVs with better, targeted content.

What's there?

A full timeline of your PPVs, where each point on the graph represents one of the following actions relating to your creator's history with the fan:

  • 🔴 Red for a PPV that was sent but is still locked, as the fan hasn't purchased it

  • 🟢 Green for a PPV that was sent and is unlocked, as the fan purchased it

  • 🟢 Green with "Tipped" for a tip given by the fan

The thumbnails represent the first media item from the PPV, whereas the square represents the price set for the PPV / the amount tipped by the user.

On hover, a tooltip with all the information about this specific interaction will appear:

  • Add explanation of megaphone vs. direct message bubbles - mass message vs. private message

  • add image of how a tip looks like

  • Explain about the arrows on the right and left

  • Mention that the graph goes from left to right, so earliest is on the left, newest is on the right

  • Free ones will appear as $0

You can filter the message by Private or Mass, and the media by Photo or Video. You can also hide the repurchased media and search by message caption.

Notice you can scroll to the left and see older PPVs.

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