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Super Mass

Target fans with Personalized Pricing™, custom captions, and content in mass

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Super Mass allows you to send out customized mass messages to your fans, to increase engagement rate, optimize pricing and maximize revenue.

Supercreator uses AI analysis and automation to segment your fanbase, and create a customized message for each fan.

Super Mass includes state-of-the-art Supercreator's Personalized Pricing™, which targets each individual fan with a price that matches their unique spending.

Why is this helpful?

Increase Revenue from Mass PPVs

When you send out a mass PPV at a single price, you lose money from undercharging your top spenders, while losing sales from little spenders who aren’t willing to spend as much on your content.

With Personalized Pricing™, you can charge your fans at customized prices that match each fan's unique spending behavior - and maximize your revenue for each PPV.

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Super Mass allows you to create mass messages targeting a specific fanbase segment. This way your caption and content can be much more customized to each unique fan.

Your fanbase has many different fans that have different relationships with you.

When your mass messages are the same, fans can tell.
Super Mass makes mass messaging look personal to your fans!

This dramatically increases response and purchase rate, therefore maximizing your earnings!

How to use Super Messaging:

To create a new Super Mass message, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the “New Mass Message” page (or to the Queue page), and click on the gold button that says "Create Super Mass Message".

  2. Targeting -

    Choose to whom this message will be sent - this will determine your caption and content later on.
    Super Mass offers different varieties of targets:

    1. All Fans: Use as a regular mass message with Personalized Pricing™.

    2. Expired Fans: Bring back expired fans with exclusive offers or a warm message (Used together with the power of Supercreator Auto-Follower).

    3. New Fans: Reuse old or basic content, or just say hello.

    4. Spenders: Send premium content at higher prices.

    5. Former Spenders: Attract the spenders who disappeared with premium content, bundles, and special prices. Or just send a warm message to restart the relationship.

    6. Freeloaders: Send cheaper content to your fans who don't buy your content.

    7. By Preferences: Based on the fan's Preferences in the CRM send a specific type of content that exudes personality and boosts engagement!

    8. By Country: Based on the fan's Country in the CRM shoot your messages straight to your fans in their native language or crank up the engagement by hitting 'em up at their local time zone! No language barriers or time zone jumbles here—just smooth, personalized communication that'll have 'em hooked!

    Please note in order to target your audience based on their preferences or country, you will need to fill in this information in the Fans' CRM first.

    We recommend you send custom messages to these precisely targeted fans, to increase the chance of engagement and sales.

  3. Refine your target -

    1. Choose whether you want Super Mass to target only active fans, or also choose fans from your expired fans. E.g. Take "Spenders" fans from my "Active and Expired" fans.
      We recommend choosing "Active and Expired" because it really increases your message reach!

    2. Optional: You can exclude lists (you create on OnlyFans) from your message if needed.
      E.g. lists you've created for fans who have already received a certain type of content.

      Notice you can exclude fans from Super Mass from the CRM. Here's how.

  4. Prepare your message -

    Prepare your custom message for the chosen target.
    Enter your caption, add media from the vault, and schedule your message.

    Note: You must schedule your Super Message at least 20 minutes from the current time.
    Note: You can only use media from the Vault. To upload new content from your computer, please send it to a "dummy" fan, so it will be added to your Vault.

  5. Pricing -

    Choose between a uniform price for all targeted fans, or an optimized price that matches each fan's unique spending behavior.

    To use Personalized Pricing™ for your targeted fans, toggle on its button.

    Our AI state-of-the-art algorithm will split your chosen target audience into 4 pricing groups, and will calculate the best prices for each group - just like magic!

    You can edit the prices if you think the range doesn’t make any sense for this type of content (in case your content is mild or too premium), but we recommend staying with the prices the algorithm has calculated for you in most cases.

  6. That's it, you’re all set!

    Hit “Save” and Supercreator will generate and schedule your Message!

    Note: Four (4) messages will be created in your queue if you choose to use Personalized Pricing™.

Note: For now, the Super Message can be sent to a target audience of up to 80K fans at once. In case your entire fanbase passes that limit, you can still use it for smaller groups of your fanbase (e.g. Spenders).

Deep dive into the different targets

It's highly recommended to schedule at least one Super Mass message every week for each target:


Use Case


How often to use it?

All Fans

Send a PPV message to your entire fanbase (active and expired) with AI Personalized Pricing™.

Maximize message revenue by customizing the message's price to every fan's unique spending behavior.

At least 3 times a week, according to your existing mass messaging strategy.

Expired Fans

Message your expired fans with exclusive offers or a warm message, to make them re-subscribe.
Learn more in this article.

Used together with the power of Supercreator Auto-Follower (available for followed expired fans).

Increase your fans' spending and retention.

Once a week.

New Fans

Just say hello, or send old or basic content.

Catch new fans while they're engaged and curious about your content.

In addition, keep the new or premium content for a later stage of their subscription.

Twice a week.


Send premium content with higher prices.

Maximize earnings with special content and prices for those willing to pay extra.

Twice a week.

Former Spenders

Attract spenders who disappeared with premium content or bundles, special prices, or a warm message.

Make your biggest supporters who disappeared spend again.

Once a week.


Send cheaper content for your freeloaders.

Increase earnings from the long tail of your fanbase.

Twice a week.

By Preferences

Send a specific type of content based on the fan's unique preferences.

Make your message more personal and increase engagement

Once a week.

By Country

Use the native language of the country, or schedule at the optimal time for the fan's local time zone.

Speak to your fans in their language at the best time for them and increase reach and conversion.

Twice a week.

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