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Emoji Keyboard

Use emojis in your chatting - fast

Updated over a week ago

This feature will appear whenever you open a chat with one of your fans.

How is this helpful?

Have all industry-leading emojis already accessible within the chat, saving you from having to go to the web or to your documents to find the right emoji.

By default, you can select from 50 of the leading emojis.

How to customize your emojis:

If the default emojis provided aren’t for your taste, you can easily edit them in the Supercreator Console. To do this:

  1. Click on Settings on the left sidebar on the console, and select Emoji Keyboard.

  2. Select the creator you wish to change the emojis for in the top right corner (if you’re an Agency).

  3. Select up to 50 emojis from the emoji vault and press save.

Please note it may take up to 2 minutes to see the changes on your OnlyFans account.

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