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I can't activate Supercreator for my account
I can't activate Supercreator for my account

The extension says "No License", or my account is pending on the console ("login to OnlyFans to activate")

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In case your Supercreator account license is active or on trial, but the extension still says "No License", or the console says "login to OnlyFans to activate" - try these actions:

  1. Make sure your username is set correctly on the Supercreator’s console.

  2. Click on the pinned extension icon and refresh your activation status - "Click here to activate" (see picture below).

  3. Sing out and back into Onlyfans with your account.

Once you try to connect the extension, please navigate to the chats page, enter into a specific chat and check for Supercreator features.

If the extension is still not working, send us a message via chat or email.

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