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Bump Message Online Fans

Upgrade your bump messaging with personal messages that send to your Online Fans' Priority tab

Updated over a week ago

At the top of your chat inbox, you'll find the Bump Message Online Fans button, which allows you to send messages to every fan who's online right now.

Why is it helpful?

The Bump Message Online Fans feature dramatically increases the engagement and authenticity of your bump messages.

With this feature, you can create personal messages in mass without spamming your fans or ruining the authenticity of your conversations. This will increase the response rate significantly.

Personalized your messages

Use the fan's first name in your message, and make your message look like it was personally addressed to them.

Avoid spamming your fans' inboxes

By sending bump messages only to fans who are relevant for messaging right now, you avoid spamming your fans' inboxes as you do when sending your daily bump mass messages.

Slide into your fans' Priority Tab

When using this feature, your messages will get to your fans' Priority tab (see below), rather than the regular All tab. This increases the level of response significantly.

Priority message OnlyFans

Keep the flow of your conversations

Are you familiar with the situation when you're chatting with a fan, and suddenly a mass message interrupts the flow of the conversation?

Now you can exclude the fans you're currently chatting with, and keep a normal conversation with no out-of-context messages sent by you (only applies to fans you've messaged privately).

How to use it?

We recommend sending bump messages mainly through the Bump Message Online Fans feature, instead of the regular mass message.

When clicking on the Bump Message Online Fans icon, the following pop-up will appear:

Our best practice with bump messages is to send several during each shift, and send a regular mass message to your entire fanbase only once or twice a day.

For this, you will need to exclude fans you messaged in the last 8 (or any other number) hours. You can choose a different time interval, but 8 hours (similar to a standard shift) usually does the work.

We highly recommend using the fan's name function in your message, for a better response rate and a personal touch (see below).

Use the fan's first name

You can add to your message the fan's first name and make the message much more personal. This highly increases the chance of receiving a response from your fans.

Simply add {name} to your message text, and it will be replaced with the first name or nickname you have set up in Supercreator's Fan Insights CRM (see image below).

To increase the level of responses, we highly encourage you to enter a proper first name into the Fan Insights CRM.

OnlyFans Fan's name

Set a Fallback name: In case the fan doesn't have a first name yet, the placeholder will be replaced with the fallback name of your preference (e.g: babe or honey).

You can leave this empty if you'd like, and it will remain empty.

Your fallback name can be the name the fan has entered when they sign into OnlyFans (note that this is set by the fan themselves, and not the fan's custom name).

Just write display_name in the fallback name input.

If the fan doesn’t have a CRM name we will not use the OnlyFans custom name since we’re sending messages in bulk and as such it’s more risky so we need to take extra precautions.

You can also use the placeholder with scripts as well, but it works slightly differently, and you can check out how it works here.

PLEASE NOTE: This feature is only for experienced users and can cause problems with your messages. We can't assure that those names will look like normal names, and it may look like you're using an automation tool and not sending the message yourself.

Unsending Bump Messages

🤩🚀 Exciting News! We've introduced a new feature that allows you to unsend Bump Messages.

All you have to do is skip adding a name placeholder {name}. By creating your Bump message without the {name} placeholder, you will be able to easily unsend it later.
Bump messages without the name placeholder will be sent as a Mass Message, which can be unsent in bulk. To unsend a Mass Message, click here.

However, if you opt to include the {name} placeholder in your message, it becomes a personalized message sent "individually" to each fan. In this scenario, bulk unsending isn't possible, and you'll need to unsend them one by one from within each fan's chat.

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