Use auto-complete and premade responses for faster chatting

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Supercreator Scripts enhance your chatting with preformatted responses and auto-complete typing.

Why is this helpful

If your chatters are free-flowing with their chatting, they often find themselves trying to reinvent the wheel with their messages. However, in many cases, this is not necessary and actually prevents you from sending attractive messages.

The scripts make it easy for your chatters to write the best responses as fast as possible.

Scripts ideas you can use

Conversation starters, Engaging with new fans, Follow-up on PPV, Asking personal questions, Bringing back expired fans, Services you provide (dick rating, GFE, etc), Captions for PPVs, Captions for your dripping/ladder pricing content sets, Fan Support (mistakes, despondent fans).

How to use it on OnlyFans

When you start typing, Supercreator will search for the relevant script based on the script name or content. Choose the best one and hit Tab or the Right Arrow (β†’).

Otherwise, you can:

  1. Click on the πŸ’¬ icon or start typing to search your script.

  2. Choose your script (navigate up/down with arrows or choose with the mouse).

  3. Hit the Right Arrow (β†’) or Tab on your keyboard.
    ​Note: Don't press enter or the message will send!

Set Up or Edit Scripts

On the Console, under the Scripts page, you will find the following table:



Assign to

Title of the script: Use it to describe a sequence, a scenario, or a message.

The message: Content of the script

Enable script on these accounts: All/Specific Creators

You can add a new script by pressing "Add script".

To delete a script, hover over the number and select it - then hit "Delete".

Don't forget to press "Save" once you're done!

Adding your existing scripts

You can paste your existing scripts from a different table or file (Excel, G-sheets, etc).

Make sure you open as many empty rows as you copied beforehand.

Adding scripts from the chat

You can add the scripts directly from the chat. You need to be logged in as chatter or admin of your workspace to be able to add the scripts.

  1. Type in your message and click on the + icon to add it to your Scripts!

  2. Edit or add the script name, select if this script will be available in only one account or all accounts connected to your Supercreator Account, and Save.

Using a fan's name

We recommend you add a fan's custom nickname to your scripts for more personal chatting.

The fan's custom nickname is the name you enter in the CRM:

Insert {name} in the text section of your script to replace it with the fan's name when sending the message.

Don't forget to set a general fallback name (e.g. babe or honey) in case the fan doesn't have a custom name yet.

If the fan doesn’t have a CRM name set, but has a custom name in OnlyFans, we take the first name from there. This same feature works differently in Bump Message Online Fans, and you can check out how it works here.

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