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How can I contact my expired fans?
How can I contact my expired fans?

Use cases for the Auto-Follower and contacting my expired fans

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To message your Expired Fans, use the Auto-Follower, which opens the option to re-engage with your expired fans, and message them in any way, including private and mass messaging.

Messaging your Expired Fans can easily lead to more returning fans, and increase your fans' lifetime spending.

In other words, you can bring back old spenders and still earn from PPVs even after your fans' subscription is over.

Here are some how to's and best practices for using the Auto-Follower to contact your Expired fans:

Include your Expired fans in Super Mass messages

We highly recommend you start including Expired fans in your Super Mass messages, especially mass PPVs. This can multiply your sales instantly.

In the second step of creating a Super Mass, "Refine your target", choose to take fans from Active and Expired fans.

By including both Active and Expired fans, your message will be sent to 2X, 4X, and even 10X more fans.

Sending a Super Mass message ONLY to Expired Fans (without Active fans)

Send a separate message to expired fans:

  1. You can offer them gifs in exchange for re-subscribing, tease them with your new content, or initiate a conversation to get their interest in you again.

  2. Send them old or mild content, that isn't exclusive to subscribers, and make them purchase content even they're not subscribed.

In the first step of creating a Super Mass, "Choose your message target", choose Expired Fans target:

Initiate conversations with expired spenders via chatting

Supercreator lets you show or filter out fans right from your inbox.
You can set a spending threshold for the Auto-Follower, and start 1:1 conversation with your lost spenders.

Remember! The fact they're expired doesn't mean they can't buy PPVs with the Auto-Follower.

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