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Start using Supercreator as a chatter

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What is Supercreator?

Supercreator is your chatting AI assistant. It boosts your efficiency and sales results using tools that integrate with OnlyFans.

How to join your agency's workspace

To join your agency's workspace, you will require an invite link from management.

(An invite link can be found in this link inside your console).

You can access the link directly from your browser and create a Supercreator account.

This can be done either by using your Google login, or by creating a new login with an email and a password.

After you successfully create your account, please keep in mind that your profile will be pending, requiring approval from the agency before access is granted.

This standard process allows the agency to review and validate new member profiles.

While approving your access, the agency will select the role and level of access granted to both the extension and data.

This ensures that the permissions align with your responsibilities and requirements within the agency.

  • Extension - Access to the extension only, no access to the Console

  • Editor - Access to the extension, and can configure Superpowers in the Console

  • Admin - Full access to the Supercreator Console & Analytics

❗ If you are using multiple Google Chrome profiles, we highly recommend checking out this article that provides step-by-step guidance on setting up Chrome profiles with Supercreator. It's a game-changer! πŸš€

As soon you have your account setup you can download the Supercreator extension here and pin it to the Chrome bar:

Now you need to log in to the OnlyFans account, but before doing that, make sure you're logged in to the Supercreator Console.

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