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Track essential information and get AI insights on each fan
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We created the first CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and AI recommendation platform for OnlyFans. It gathers everything you need to know about each fan while chatting.

It ensures that your chatters get all the important information for their success.

Why is it helpful?

The CRM helps you organize your fanbase with personal information, which leads to more sales and happy fans.

In addition, our AI optimizes your chatting by showing you insights and recommendations.

More sales

Increase your sales conversion rate with deeper fan relationships, AI recommendations, and smart tagging.

Know each fan's purchasing habits, when's the best time to send a PPV, what's his favorite content, etc.

Efficient chatting system

When you use a Fan CRM, chatting with many fans becomes easy.

Save many hours scrolling through conversations or documenting your fans and chats.

Know exactly if a fan is a freeloader or a big spender, and decide how much attention you should give them.

Create synchronizing between different chatters

Enable best practices with fans' documentation, for easy synchronizing between chatters. Ensure your fans feel like they're chatting with the same person.

In addition, you won't depend on your current chatter's memory, with a well-documented fanbase.

What's there?

The Fan CRM and Insights box can be found on the right side of each chat.

You can resize it by dragging the arrows on the bottom-left corner.

Insights & Fans Tags

Spending & Subscription

  • πŸ—“οΈ Subscribed: How long they've been subscribed for.
    If they have expired, this will be how long they were subscribed for.

  • πŸ’΅ Total Spending: Total spending on PPVs & tips (excluding subscriptions)

  • πŸ’° Tips: Tip earnings

  • πŸ›ŽοΈ Last Paid: Last time he purchased PPV or tipped.

Personal info - CRM

  • First Name: By adding their name, you'll able to use it for sending personalized mass messages and scripts.

  • Country: By adding their location, you can see their local time and create lists based on languages.

  • AI Tags: Automatic tags for deeper insight into each fan (you can hover in OnlyFans for a description). E.g. new fan, renew off, hot lead, buyer, freeloader.

  • Preferences: Track what your fans are into, including fetishes or preferred services. E.g. GFE, Feet, Daddy talking.

  • Notes: Write and view notes right in front of you. Document their hobbies, family status, etc.

  • Source: Add how your fan found you so you can track which traffic source works best for you

πŸ”Š Important

The CRM data is useful for Super Mass Messages and Message Online Fans.

E.g. Sending a mass message with the fan's first name, creating a list based on a county and language, etc.

PPV Time Machine πŸ›Έ

Deep dive into your fan's buying habits for sending accurate PPVs.

Hints Chat Recommendation

Using AI, you'll get actionable recommendations for better communication with fans.

By taking into account the conversation flow, fans' behavior, and purchases - Supercreator will recommend what to do next. Look at it as your sidekick who ensures you notice all the moving pieces involved in nurturing fans.

This makes sure you do whatever is possible to increase the chance of a sale.

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