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Never worry about sending the same content twice
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This feature will appear whenever you open your vault in a private chat.

How is this helpful?

You’ve probably faced this tedious issue where you don’t know which content you’ve already sent, so you have to scroll through the fan’s gallery or chat history.

With the Super Vault, you no longer have to go through it again.

It lets you quickly filter out purchased or sent content, so you never send the same content twice.

This ensures there will not be any human mistakes with double sending, saves a few minutes every time you want to attach media, and reduce a repetitive tedious action that every chatter faces.

This can also change your content strategy, making you less reliant on new content.

What can you find in the Super Vault?

It highlights the pictures or videos that were already sent or bought by a fan:

  • ✉️ Envelope emoji: You’ve sent this photo/video before.

  • 💵 Cash emoji: This fan has already unlocked this photo/video.

  • 🆓 Free emoji: This media was sent for free.

  • Unsend: For sent content, you'll find an unused button below the content date.


Does it support multiple instances of the same media in the vault?

When you upload the same content twice from your computer, your Vault will have two instances of the same media.

However - Super Vault can only recognize the same instance you've sent.
Since we don't scan your actual content for privacy reasons, it cannot find out which instances are actually identical photos or videos, therefore, it will treat each of them separately.

Please ensure you re-send content only from your vault, and avoid uploading the same media twice from your computer.

Also, we recommend going over the Vault to delete any duplicates you find.

Does it support Post unlocks?

Yes, it does. If a fan has purchased a paid post, it will be shown in the Super Vault as purchased (💵).

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