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Pricing Suite: PriceGuard™, Pricing Insights & Metrics
Pricing Suite: PriceGuard™, Pricing Insights & Metrics

Optimize your PPV pricing for each fan. Never undercharge or overcharge for your content again

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Supercreator's pricing set of tools was carefully designed to ensure that you price your content at the exact right price point - for each individual fan.

Its AI-based pricing algorithm was trained on 100,000s of sales attempts, to make your pricing spot on. It learns your fanbase to help you price correctly for each PPV you send.

How is this helpful?

Whatever your pricing strategy may be, pricing the same content the same way for every fan in the fanbase means you're leaving money on the table. Pricing has much more to do with the fan’s spending behavior than with the content.

Instead, you could use PriceGuard™ and its associated Pricing Metrics & Insights panes to get recommendations regarding each fan's willingness to pay, in order to choose the optimal price for each set of content.

What's there?

When you open the pricing popup, you'll see Supercreator PriceGuard™, in addition to the Pricing Insights and Pricing Metrics panels.

Pricing Insights & PriceGuard™

Supercreator learns each fan's spending habits and gives general recommendations you can follow for each of them, and then displays that information in two distinct ways:

  1. Pricing Insights pane explains the AI algorithm's reasoning about the fan's spending behavior, and suggests recommended price ranges, along with actionable tips for pricing your content.

  2. Supercreator PriceGuard™ lets you know whether you're under-charging or overcharging for your content. To see it in action, simply choose a price and enter it into the price field - PriceGuard™ will do the rest:

Pricing Metrics

See raw data on your fan's PPV pricing history in an easy-to-follow way:

  • Max: The maximum amount paid for a PPV

  • Avg: Average spending on PPVs

  • Graph: Last PPVs purchased by a fan:
    You can include Unpurchased PPVs in this graph, those will be in red.

    When hovering on the dot, a tooltip with information about this PPV will appear.

You can filter the data for the entire metrics by Photos/Videos or Mass/Private messages.

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