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Which browsers or devices are supported?
Which browsers or devices are supported?
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Supercreator runs on your Google Chrome browser, for both Windows and Mac.

Most other Chromium-based desktop browsers are supported, including:

  • Opera - Note that in the past you needed to install Opera's "Install Chrome Extensions" add-on. This is no longer the case - following this thread, installing Chrome extensions in Opera is now supported out of the box.

  • Microsoft Edge - There's one extra step required to install Chrome Extensions in Edge - follow this video to do it:


Supercreator can run on Android devices using Kiwi browser.

We really recommend using it only on tablets or smartphones with a large screen.

Unfortunately, Apple doesn't support Chrome Extensions.


Read more in this article.

In general, every Multi-Login software that supports Chrome Extension (Chromium based) will work with Supercreator.

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