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Super Vault is not working correctly (Not showing the correct status)
Super Vault is not working correctly (Not showing the correct status)
Updated over a week ago

Did you find content that a fan has received but wasn't shown with a cash emoji (πŸ’΅) or an envelope emoji (βœ‰οΈ)?

If it looks like the Super Vault is not working properly, this happen due to any of those reasons:

You have multiple instances of the same media in the vault

When you upload the same content twice from your computer, your Vault will have two instances of the same media.
However - Super Vault can only recognize the same instance you've sent.
Since we don't scan your actual content for privacy reasons, it cannot find out which instances are actually identical photos or videos, therefor it will treat each of them separately.

Please make sure that you re-send content only from your vault, and avoid uploading the same media twice from your computer.

Also, we recommend going to the Vault Page as soon as possible to go over all your media and delete any duplicates you find.

This content is not in the gallery of the fan

Occasionally OnlyFans has a glitch where the media just won't appear in the Fan Gallery. Therefore, Supercreator has no way to know that this content was sent or bought by the fan.

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