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Using Supercreator With Multiple OnlyFans Accounts (Using Chrome Profiles)
Using Supercreator With Multiple OnlyFans Accounts (Using Chrome Profiles)

Keep those tabs in check and supercharge your Supercreator extension with Google Profiles.

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We totally get how juggling multiple OnlyFans accounts can be tough. But guess what? We've got a game-changing solution for you!

A valuable feature provided by Google Chrome is the ability to utilize multiple profiles simultaneously, allowing you to access the Supercreator extension on each of these profiles for each OnlyFans account you have access to. With this nifty feature, you can easily keep everything separate and organized.

To streamline your experience, follow these steps to create a profile for each OnlyFans account you work with.

  1. Open Chrome on your computer and click the Profile icon in the upper right corner and click Add.

  2. Set up your new profile. There's no need to set up a separate email account for each profile - simply click "Continue without an account".

πŸ’‘ Did you know?
You should have one Chrome Profile for each OnlyFans account you intend to use. So if you're chatting on 3 OnlyFans accounts, you should have 3 different Chrome Profiles, one for each OF account.

3. Now you have the profiles set up! Each one of the OnlyFans accounts will work in a separate window.

4. Next, download the Supercreator extension on all profiles using this link: Extension download

5. Make sure to Pin πŸ“Œ Supercreator extension to your extensions bar after it has been installed, on each profile!

6. (IMPORTANT) - Once you've installed the extension on all profiles, log in to your Supercreator account on every profile by clicking Supercreator's extension icon or by visiting Supercreator Console.

πŸ’‘When logging in to Supercreator on each Profile, remember to use the same email and password of your personal Supercreator account - whether you're a chatter, account manager, or creator.

Now you're all set! Just log in to each OnlyFans account. Once you've successfully set up your accounts, keep an eye out for this checkmark symbol across all of them.

Seeing this symbol indicates that everything is in place and ready for action! πŸ’ͺ Happy chatting!

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